13th Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physics and Engineering (MMPE'22)

13-14 June 2022

Place: Nieznanice Palace: www.nieznanice.pl

Organized by

  • Czestochowa Branch of Polish Mathematical Society
  • Czestochowa University of Technology – Department of Mathematics

Conference Venue

Nieznanice Palace, ul. Sobieskiego 22A, Nieznanice, 42-270 Kłomnice (Google map)
Website: www.nieznanice.pl

Nieznanice Palace is a 100-year old mansion located 18 km from Częstochowa. The Palace functions as an accommodation facility and restaurant. It is surrounded by 3.5 hectares park with a pond and a Japanese garden with a fountain. The facility includes a relaxation area, jacuzzi, sauna bath and offers different types of massage. The Palace is a place of harmony between people and nature. Surrounded by greenery and birdsong, conference participants will be able to enjoy a nice atmosphere and silence.

Nieznanice Palace
Image source: www.nieznanice.pl